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Couples Rate ( CrossFit+ Weightlifting)
This is the most inclusive package we have. You and your (spouse or fiancee) get access to CrossFit and Weightlifting. Additionally 1 child gets access to our CrossFit Kids Classes 6-11 year olds. Each child after 1 is +$20.  Any children 13 or older are welcome to attend adult classes or weightlifting.
Limit: Unlimited
Programs: CrossFit, Weightlifting
LocationsCrossFit Contour
From $60.00
This is our Basic Package. With this you get Unlimited CrossFit  classes per month.  You also get access to Open gym via the Fieldhouse, and child care at the Fieldhouse.
Limit: Unlimited
Programs: CrossFit
LocationsCrossFit Contour
CrossFit + Weightlifting
This is for members who need a little bit more. With this package you get everything you do CrossFit but you also receive  access to our Weightlifting classes and programming.

Limit: Unlimited
Programs: CrossFit, Weightlifting
LocationsCrossFit Contour
CrossFit Kids 6-11 Years old
6 Week Session- Starting January 17th at 6pm
Mondays and Wednesdays 6:00-7pm
CrossFit Kids is back!
The Kids class will now be 2 days a week for 6 Weeks! The Session will culminate with an Adult/Kid Fitness Competition using the skills and fitness gained over the 6 week session.  Parents will participate in the class with their kids.

Each class will build on previous classes so attending each is highly encouraged! Classes will still end with an all Kids game.
Limit 16 Spots.
CrossFit Contour Parents will be given a Discount.
Sign ups Close January 14th.
Limit: Unlimited
Programs: CrossFit Kids
LocationsCrossFit Contour
From $100.00
Intro Prep Course
Welcome to an exciting opportunity to join CrossFit Contour and skip the jitters. This class is exclusively for beginners looking to ease into Regular CrossFit classes over a 4 week period.
During these classes participants will learn the basic movements, get SMALL group sessions with our professional coaches, be introduced to key concepts on Intensity, Nutrition, Technique, and more.

Starting February 28th at 6pm-7pm
Limit 8 Spots
Participants will also receive a 10% discount on their first 3 months of Regular membership.*
*To be eligible for the discount Participants must attend 6 of the 8 Classes.
Limit: Unlimited
Programs: Intro Prep Course
LocationsCrossFit Contour
Weightlifting is geared towards individuals who wish to improve their explosive performance with the Olympic Lifts. The program does this by teaching them the Clean, Snatch, and Jerk in a safe and productive way. Athletes will also Squat and Dead lift among many other exercises.
Limit: Unlimited
Programs: Weightlifting
LocationsCrossFit Contour